sleep time


Are you heading back to school/pre school?

sleep time


It’s back to school/preschool time for lots of us… We might be excited about this prospect or we might be a bit sad that our little ones aren’t going to be around having had them since March… (I’m a bit in each camp to be honest!)

But we are nearly there and in our house we have started talking about going back to school and I think I’m done on the prep side but we are starting to think about the change in routine that is inevitable, I’m also keeping an eye out for an anxious behaviour just in case that is cropping up as well.

So just as a guide here are a couple of tips around routine and to help you further, here are the main things from a sleep point of view..

???? Think about the routine you will need to have when they are back to school – if you are anything like us you might need to bring bedtime earlier. Try and do 15 mins earlier every couple of days

???? To balance the day, it’s also worth waking them up closer to the time that they will need to to get ready for school/preschool that way you will probably find the earlier bedtime easier.

???? Revisit your bedtime routine, if you have screen time close to bedtime at the moment, then try and turn it off 1hr before bedtime as that will help them to settle, also if you don’t at the moment then pop a book in as it will get them back to reading and it’s a nice round off to the routine.

Let me know if you have any other tips or questions and good luck xxx


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