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Are you stuck in their room?

sleep time


sleep stuck in their room

Is this you – are you stuck in your child’s room to get them to sleep? Did it start with just needing to calm them down or perhaps you having been doing gradual retreat and now you are just…. well stuck in their room. Each night you put them to bed and then have to stay until they fall asleep.. (and let’s not talk about the nightwakings!)

But don’t worry you aren’t alone! I often talk to parents and recommend doing a gradual retreat to help your child adjust to settling independently and it can work really well (along side thinking about lots of other things of course) but the MOST important thing you can do is to remember that you need to leave the room when your little one is settling well.

Why? Well if you stay in the room for too long they get used to you being there and then you are stuck, you might have just replaced one sleep association with another!

So the biggest tip I can give you is to keep moving, keep helping your child if they need it, but keep allowing them to settle independently and most importantly don’t get STUCK! Make it your aim to leave the room, maybe stay outside the door for a couple of days but then leave and know that they are okay to settle themselves!


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