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Check out this sleep consultant hack to improve nightwakings!

sleep time


Since lock down started, I seem to have been helping lots of little babies who were having lots of night wakings and lots of feed. Now some of those feeds for the little ones are still needed (and remember that it’s very much down to you to decide that!) but others we worked out were wakings that we could easily get rid of… but how!!

This is sort of a sleep consultants trick, but really it’s another piece of sleep logic. I truly believe the key to reducing night wakings (after taking into consideration feeding and daytime sleep amongst other things) is to try and put your child down a bit awake after a feed or waking in the night.

You might not get them entirely awake, but just a bit awake maybe even a bit drowsy but if you can get them to be a bit awake and then they can settle from an awakeish state in the cot/bed they are sooooo much more likely to sleep for longer as they will hopefully be able to settle through the sleep cycles easier.

But it’s not easy in the night is it! Here are some top tips to help you – let me know if you have any more!
????Remove a layer
????Tickle them
????Remove the feed when they look sleepy,
????do a nappy change or a pretend nappy change
????put a dim light on..

Any more? I’d love to hear your tips…..or let me know if it helps!


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