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Expecting a new baby? Need to get organised?! Here are some top Tips from Blissfully Organised!

sleep time


I don’t know about you, but when my kids were nearly ready to enter into this world, I went through a slightly mad phase of writing lists, buying random things and generally panicking as to whether I had everything that I needed!

Little did I know that there are some really sensible things that you can be doing and Tracy from Blissfully Organised has shared her top ones with us so that we can be a little bit more planned than my approach when it comes to making sure you are ready for the big day!

Top tips on decluttering before the arrival of a new baby

The arrival of a new baby to your home is a very special time. However, it can also feel a little daunting. If it’s your first child you’re not quite sure what to expect and if its not your first child, you are wondering how you’ll manage everything once baby arrives.
Decluttering and organising your home is a great way to prepare for your new arrival. A clutter-free home will be easier to maintain so you need to spend less time cleaning and organising once baby arrives.
Why Declutter Before Baby Arrives?
Embrace that nesting feeling to get organised at home. You’ll feel the benefits once baby arrives
Save time and money. You’ll find what you need more easily and avoid purchasing duplicate items (both for baby and your home)
Safety Proof Your Home: a well organised home will be less dangerous when you are moving around with baby
Be visitor ready: everyone wants to meet your new arrival so streamline your home to receive visitors without the stress of frantic tidying
You’ll have more time to rest when baby rests rather than rushing round tidying
You’ll create space for the new baby things that you need to keep close to hand

Key Planning Before Baby Arrives

Where will your baby sleep?

Initially your new baby will probably be in a crib in your bedroom to make night feeds easier. You should also start to prepare your baby’s own room. Think about what you need in this room i.e. cot, changing table/cabinet, comfortable feeding chair and lighting.

Where will you feed your baby during the day and at night time?

Think about where you will feed baby during the day and middle of the night. Make sure that you have everything that you need close at hand. Even if baby is sleeping in your room you may want to set up a quiet feeding area in the baby’s room if you don’t want to disturb other family members in the middle of the night.

How can you baby proof your home?

Get a head start baby proofing. Small toys and odds and ends need to be cleared away before baby starts crawling. Consider how your pet will adapt to the new arrival.
What equipment/clothing do you need to buy or take out of storage?
There are endless things that you could buy for your new baby. Before you buy anything it’s often useful to speak to friends and family to find out which items are essential and those that are nice to have. If your budget is tight you may be able to borrow equipment or purchase the key essentials second hand.
Keep a list of everything you need to buy, and those items that you have already purchased. If this is not your first child, I recommend that you audit the clothing and equipment that you have stored away or lent to friends. Gather everything together 3 months before your due date to ensure that you have enough time to wash all the clothing and check if any equipment is still in good working order.
Assign a place for essential baby equipment – feeding, changing, pushchair etc.
Start to create space to store your essential baby items in the most practical space in your home i.e. the steriliser needs space on your kitchen counter, a changing mat and supplies may need a space downstairs to make changing more convenient. You might want to store your pushchair/ baby car seat in the hallway, garage, cloakroom or in your car.

Will anyone come to support you once baby arrives?

If you are planning to have helpers to stay and support you once baby arrives, make a list of key information to make it easier for guests to best support you
Discuss how they can best support you i.e. cleaning, cooking meals, shopping, looking after older siblings
Make a list of where key equipment is stored i.e. bed linens, towels, kitchen equipment, household equipment etc
Create a list of emergency contact numbers, children’s meal ideas, guide to children’s routine (what do you normally do in the morning and evening?)
Stock the medicine cabinet with key essentials and if you have time batch cook a few meals for the freezer.

How will baby fit into your routine?

Life after having a baby can feel very busy. Organising your home before baby arrives to find a space for everything and only having what you need in your home will make your day-to-day life less chaotic.

Do you need support to get ready?

I have supported many of my clients to prepare their homes for the arrival of a new baby and they have all found it incredibly useful to create a state of order and simplify their home so that things are much easier to manage once baby arrives. Please contact me at or via my website at
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