sleep time


Group Sessions

sleep time


Group Sessions

Build your own Sleep Workshops

Perfect for getting your NCT or Ante/Postnatal group together to learn about sleep!

At a time that suits you we can all get together to cover the following;

  • Why sleep is so important and how children’s sleep actually works
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Sleep (i.e Props)
  • How to set your child up for the best bedtime and techniques to get them to sleep.
  • The importance of naps and how to help get them sorted
  • What to expect from your child’s sleep and when they ‘should’ be sleeping through the night.
  • How to handle bumps in the road and why sleep regressions don’t have to be a big thing!

You’ll get my best tailored tips to your age group, the opportunity to ask questions throughout the time.

£25 per family
(private sessions 5 people minimum or join a group session, see website for the next scheduled event)
Travel costs charged outside of St Albans area.


Sleep School With Added Facebook Support

This is the best online course to get your sleep sorted and is suitable for babies aged 4 months to 3 years. Included in the price you’ll have your sleep issues identified by Kate, access to all the training materials and 2 weeks Facebook sleep coaching with 3 live video sessions included.’

The Sleep Academy 4-13 Months

The Sleep School 4-13 Months

The 4-13 month course is designed to give you all the tools you need to get your sleep well established and encourage your child to settle well and sleep for longer.

Sign up now to start your journey to better sleep!


The Sleep School – 14-24 months

The 14-24 Month course is for those tricky toddlers who might be struggling to settle well and sleep through the night. Sign up now to start your journey to better sleep!


The Sleep School – Older Children 2Yrs+

My 2+ Years Sleep Plan is for children from 2 years with no naps. It covers all of the fundamental concepts of sleep and helps you to identify and solve your sleep issues through a straightforward and easy to understand approach.


Newborn Sleep Guide

My Newborn Sleep Guide is all you need for a gentle introduction to sleep in the early days. This isn’t sleep training, it’s about setting up great habits and giving you all the info to set you up for the future!