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How to dress your baby for bed!

sleep time


This week I’ve asked the ladies from Sleep Thief Baby to give us their top tips on how to dress your little ones for bed – plus read to the end to find a great discount offer on their fab products!

When we were new mums, one of the (many) aspects of parenting that we were clueless about was how warm our babies should be at night-time. We were both Winter mums, and so we remember being wary of how hot or cold our little girls should be. Luckily, we found lots of great advice which we will summarise in this blog post. 

It’s getting hot in here!

One of the main points to remember about your baby is that they struggle to regulate their own body temperature. This means it’s really important that your baby isn’t too hot. Both of us took the recommended advice of The Lullaby Trust in this respect and ensured that the temperature of the bedrooms that their daughters were sleeping in was between 16 – 20 degrees. 

Now, this wasn’t a problem in winter for our daughters, but we had to improvise for the summer months. Some ways we kept (and still keep) our little Sleep Thieves cool in the summer were:

  • Using an electric fan to keep the air circulating (also making sure it wasn’t pointing directly at our daughters and that it was far enough out of their reach)

  • Reducing the use of bedding at night time – we both remember going in and checking on the girls and adding/taking away layers as the temperature felt colder or warmer. On some nights, the rooms were so hot that the girls both fell asleep with just a nappy on!

  • Using a room thermometer to help make these decisions. 

How many layers? 

Being in the UK, we really do feel the seasons. And in creating our signature Mischiefsuit at Sleep Thief, we wanted to ensure that it was as versatile as possible. This means that the weight of our 100% organic cotton is slightly heavier than other babygrows and, in certain temperatures, doesn’t need a vest underneath. For both our girls we used summer and winter sleeping bags, which varied in tog. A lot of this was parental discernment and it got easier to understand temperature as time went on! It gets easier, we promise!

For temperatures of 15 – 18 degrees, we would say to team up your Mischiefsuit with a baby vest, and keep the footens on the suit folded over so that those little feet stay warm. We would also recommend a sleeping bag of around 2.5 tog. 

For temperatures of 19 – 21 degrees, you can just put a Mischiefsuit on your baby with no vest underneath. You can keep the footens open for more ventilation, and even keep the rainbow zip around the legs slightly open for even more air flow. We would team this up with a 1 tog sleeping bag too. 

Another great thing about the Mischiefsuit is that you can undo the zip and pull up the trousers without waking your baby. If you feel your baby really needs cooling down, then you can undo the zip and have your baby’s legs out without exposing the whole body. 

We also love this handy infographic from setting out nice and clearly the advice on how many layers your little one should wear depending on the temperature.

Head on over to to view our Mischiefsuits. Use the code SLEEPTIME10 for a lovely 10% off your order with us! 

Please be aware that we are just mums giving practical advice on what we found useful – this shouldn’t be relied upon for your little Sleep Thieves, and if you are worried please do ask for help from the experts!


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