Why I recommend books as an essential part of the bedtime routine.

I remember my (wise) Mum telling me when my first child was born to read to her from the day she was born, I thought she was mad but I persevered and now my bigger daughter still loves her books every night.

To back this up a Pediatrician in the US has backed up my Mum’s words by declaring that reading to your kids aids their development.

I couldn’t agree more, aside from the developmental benefits I always recommend parents to read stories to their kids each night for the following benefits.

1) It’s a great signal as part of a bedtime routine that bedtime is nearly here.
2) If you have problems with you child falling asleep during any part of the bedtime routine (eg feeding to sleep ) then a book is a great way to get your child back awake again, do some quiet reading together and then off to bed
3) If you have a toddler who demands more and more books to delay bedtime then you can use the books to determine that now is bedtime ( I always say that 2 max is best!)

To ready more about the Pediatricians research have a read here http://www.scarymommy.com/pediatrician-read-to-kids-before-they-start-school/?utm_source=FB


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