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Let’s Talk About Bedtime Resistance

sleep time


This week I asked my followers on Social (join me on instagram and facebook to find out more) about what they struggle with when it comes to bedtime resistance.

To help everyone out I summarised it into a few areas and then recorded my tips for you to watch!

I also mentioned that my latest sleep school will be starting on the 16th April and there is a special early bird discount (use the code school for £5 off) so if you are keen to get your sleep back on track then click HERE to grab a spot.

But onto the video, the topics I covered were…

– How long it actually should take to fall asleep
– Checking your child sleep environment.
– Timing is key!
– What to do if…..?

Have a watch and let me know what you think! Any questions or if you need any more help, just click here to get in touch.


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