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Let’s Talk About Sleep Environment

sleep time


Next up in my sleep education series is the first in my 3 building blocks to getting better sleep – it’s checking that your little ones environment is optimal for them to sleep happily in.

Optimising the sleep environment is one of those ‘easy’ wins as it’s just about making little changes which can make all the difference.

Have a watch of my video to explain it all but here are the key points.

  • Always follow safe sleep guidelines from the Lullaby Trust, the key ones to remember are
    • Put you baby down on their back to sleep
    • Have a clear safe space for sleep, with a waterproof breathable mattress.
    • Check the temperature of the room – the optimum is between 16-21 degrees
    • Avoid sleeping on the sofa with your little one and follow their guidelines for safe co-sleeping
  • Have the most suitable sleep set up for your little one. Whether this is a next to me, moses basket, cot or crib with sides up or down or later on a bed, make sure your little one has enough space to encourage great sleep.
    • Avoid lots of distractions like mobiles and light shows when they are trying to go to sleep and keep clutter to a minimum to make it a calm sleep space.
  • Darkness is your friend when it comes to sleep, try and ensure that the room your little one sleeps in is as dark as possible. To help with this you can get black out blinds or use travel black out blinds. The reason this is important as melatonin helps us to feel sleepy and is produced when it’s dark!
    • However if you have a little one over 2 years old who is talking about being scared of the dark use a red or orangey night light to help them feel more confident.
  • Keep an eye on the temp of the room, the optimal temp is between 16 – 21 degrees. In the summer you might need to remove layers but bear in mind the coldest part of the night is around 4 am so if your little one is waking up, check they aren’t cold!
  • Lastly white noise is your friend when it comes to sleep. It’s good for all ages if you have a disrupted night. It’s great for helping them settle into sleep but good for absorbing any background noise and helping them to go through sleep cycles.

That’s it – there is more detail in the video but as a summary those are the key points. Of course if you have any questions let me know and if you’d like to discuss your sleep further just fill out my short form here and we can chat.

Kate x


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