Success Stories

One of the best parts of this job is helping families transform their sleep situations and hearing how they are now doing. Here are a few letters from my most recent clients:

Kate has worked wonders with getting Betty to sleep through the night and we couldn’t have done it without her. Her calm and soft approach meant that we all stayed happy throughout the process. Not once did betty feel stressed by the change in routine. Her positive support meant that we always stayed on track and achieved more than we thought was possible!

Sleep is now restored for the whole family!

Thank you Kate, you’ve been amazing X

Betty 3 years old

“I was almost at breaking point when I contacted Kate. My 13 month old, Marnie was waking sometimes up to 8 times a night, she was relying on myself to assist her to fall asleep either by me rocking her or giving her a bottle of milk. In turn she wasn’t eating much food in the day as she was full from all the milk in the night.
I was nervous she would wake our 5 year old daughter so I always went into her as quickly as I could!
Kate gave us a simple to follow new sleep routine and within 4 days and ever since Marnie has slept from approx 8pm-8am.
Thank you so much Kate! You’ve done wonders for us all as a family! “


“I have been left wondering why we didn’t get advice from Kate sooner! Kate produced a sleep training program that was tailored to our family life and gave us the confidence to implement it. At no point was our daughter upset by the sleep training and our fears of even worse sleepless nights, while she adjusted, never materialised. We are very pleased, thank you Kate!”

16 month old girl

‘Our 5 year old was becoming progressively worse with his sleep, waking several times a night and resulting in us feeling like parents of a newborn again. Following a recommendation by a friend we met with Kate who put together an easy to follow night time strategy to help him break his bad habits. Within 3 days he was sleeping through and now a month later we are back to full night’s sleep and being a happy family again! Kate gave us invaluable advice and the confidence to implement it, we are thrilled with the results.’

5 year old boy

I gave kate a call after trying lots of different things half heartedly.
She gave me a clear plan and supported me through so I stuck to it. It’s worked.
Sometimes I think we know what we should be doing but we doubt ourselves and don’t give it long enough.
Kate’s encouragement and knowledge gave me the confidence to keep going and not give up at the first hurdle.
It wasn’t distressing for either us or my son and he is now falling asleep quickly and sleeping through the night. I feel a new person.
Even after our two week holiday he has gone straight back to this.
Thank you Kate!

Boy 19 months.

Our 3.5 year old son has never really slept through the night at any stage and I had reached a point where I couldn’t handle the constant nightly wake ups anymore. With a new baby on be way, I really felt we needed a solution. Kate was recommended to me by a friend and I am so so pleased. Kate’s approach made total sense and having her constant support made me feel confident in training my son to sleep without doubting myself. It took about 10 days for my son to start sleeping through and I just never ever thought that day would come! I can’t thank Kate enough.

3 1/2 year old boy

I contacted Kate after my 17 month old son was still not sleeping through the night. He was on average waking about 5 times a night and most nights I had to sleep in his room with him and me in the spare bed as he wouldn’t settle. I was at the end of my tether but after Kate gave us a sleep plan to follow almost immediately his sleep improved and he’s now slept through the night almost every night since. He’s happy to go down in his cot for naps or for bedtime and the improvement to all of our sleep has been amazing. I heartily recommend talking to Kate if your child isn’t sleeping properly. I can’t believe we left it so long.

17 month old boy

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kate for the incredible support and advice she has given us to help us get our 4 year old to sleep through the night. Our little man is more happier, calmer and rested, all of which is priceless. Thanks Kate for all your help.

4 year old boy

Right from the outset when picking our sleep consultant Kate felt like the natural choice. Unlike others we spoke to, she took the time to listen and took us as an individual case, rather than the one size fits all approach. We got great results, and much quicker than anticipated in a way that we were comfortable with. Our daughter is now a great sleeper and we feel we have the tools to deal with any likely bumps we come across. Kate gave us so much support during the process and we felt she was really invested in what we were trying to achieve. Highly recommend!

8 month old girl.

Our baby slept well up until about 6 months, when for some reason things started to get progressively worse: more wakings, taking longer to settle and “needing” milk and cuddles to get her to sleep. We tried to resolve things by ourselves, but were totally unstructured, had no staying power and felt generally unhappy and exhausted. Kate turned all of that around in less than two weeks and we still can’t believe it. It feels totally revolutionary. Her sleep plan used a gentle approach and provided the flexible framework we needed which was easy to follow. Having ongoing support was also very reassuring and meant that any queries could be resolved quickly. Kate also made suggestions on how to subtly change our ways to help facilitate napping and sleep. Meelah can now self-settle within minutes and has been sleeping right through for several nights in a row now. The change is incredible. Choosing to work with Kate is one of the best investments we have made and I can’t recommend her enough.

Meelah 10 months old.

‘Thanks to Kate, our 14-month old now sleeps through the night. Before we sought her help our baby was waking several times per night and would only go back to sleep after a breastfeed, unable to self-soothe. Kate’s personalised, dedicated and understanding approach was key to the progress that we made. We now have a baby who is well-rested when he wakes in the morning, and my husband and I are no longer on the cusp of exhaustion. I only wish we had called in Kate sooner.’

14 month old boy

Working with Kate has been amazing. She is very professional and experienced with all aspects of baby and infant sleep, and has completely changed our lives. Within the space of a few weeks, our daughter went from waking several times every night to sleeping through for 10-12 hours. Her methods really do work!

19 Month Old Girl

We asked Kate for help as our nearly two year old wasn’t sleeping well and we had got ourselves into some pretty bad habits (such as staying with him until he was asleep and then backing out of the room painfully slowly in fear that he would stir and wake again). I was really nervous about filling out Kate’s sleep questionnaire and our subsequent skype call but I had no need to be. Kate is amazing, she is really professional but, best of all, there is no judgement and she puts you completely at ease. She listens to your situation and helps you formulate a plan with her support and guidance. We put the plan into action and it worked! Pretty much straight away we saw a huge improvement. Kate stayed in touch and supported us through the implementation of the plan and helped with any follow-up questions we had. I know a lot of people say the same thing but I wish I had called Kate sooner as she completely turned our nights around. A big thanks from all of us

2 yr old boy

Following a conversation with Kate we saw immediate positive results! Our daughter started to nap longer and self settled in the night!
Kate listened and gave advice without being judgemental about anything we had done previously. She is professional and I recommend anyone with baby sleep troubles to have a chat with her!

18 month old Girl

How would you describe working with Sleep Time Baby?

“Easy, relaxed and positive. I felt confident that things can improve in a manageable away and they did. The needs of my other child were taken into account and the plan I followed was not stressful to implement. Kate took time to understand my parenting style and to recommend changes that complemented it. The plan transformed our nights within days and Kate’s ongoing support has been invaluable (such as the confidential Facebook community). I have already recommended SleeptimeBaby to a few friends. “

6 month old Boy

After 2.5 years of broken sleep we finally made the decision to get help. Our little girl would take 2 hours to settle to sleep and bedtime was a huge battle. She would wake 5 or 6 times a night and only settle with me sleeping beside her. She would also still have a night bottle. I had given up hope of ever sleeping in my own bed again! However, following Kate’s 10day plan, it’s like we have a totally new life. Not only does our little girl love going to bed now, she is in control of her bedtime and I can say goodnight, walk out of the room and she says “Goodnight Mummy. See you in the morning” and that is exactly what happens. If she wakes in the night maybe once…she will self settle. She goes to sleep on her own and wakes up a happy girl. She understands bedtime and nap time during the day. It’s honestly changed our lives. I wish we had done this sooner. I now have a routine which I am confident with, our little girl loves it and we now have relaxing evenings and dont have to worry about her night waking at all! She dropped the bottle on the very first night too- which was incredible. I cant recommend Kate enough. I see this as an investment in life as a parent and a couple. I really do wish we had got the professional help sooner. Thank you so much Kate. One very happy family here!

2.5 Yr Old Girl

We would definitely recommend Sleep Time Baby. The plan was so easy to follow and it really worked for our family. The plan was tailored to our family situation. Our baby responded very well to the plan and there was no crying it out method which was something we didn’t want to do. Communication and support was amazing from Sleep Time Baby. We cannot rate Sleep Time Baby enough.

14 Month old Girl

Kate was absolutely brilliant in helping our son to sleep better. We worked with her when our son was 4 months old and she helped us encourage him to self settle using very gentle techniques. We had support from kate over the course of a few months and during all phone calls and emails she was fantastic, really knowledgable and clear on her recommendations. I was very impressed with her processes – ahead of the first Skype call we had to fill in an extensive questionnaire which meant the call itself was dedicated to getting to the root cause of the sleep issues and her talking us through the new sleep plan. We also had a sleep log we filled in which we were able to use for the subsequent phone calls. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate to any parent looking for some expert sleep advice.

4 month old Boy

Working alongside Kate has been amazing.
The difference to family life has been dramatic after having adhered to a (personalised) sleep plan and by making key, simple changes to our bedtime routine. The sleep plan was adaptable and easy to apply – each stage of the process broken down so not too overwhelming (for anyone involved!).
We were provided with constant support – telephone and email contact – and found it extremely helpful to regularly review each night to monitor our progress.
Kate has been reliable, realistic, calm and understanding and has ultimately given the family confidence at bedtime and consistent sleep through the night! It has been an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone with similar challenges in the future.
Thank you Kate, we are all so grateful.

3 yr old Girl

I can’t thank Kate at sleep time baby enough my husband and I waited until our daughter was 11 months old before seeking help with self settling and sleeping through the night as the thought of the process was very daunting we didn’t want an upset baby. After just 1 night she was self soothing within 5mins (which does feel like a long time in mummy time) and after 1 week she stopped night waking completely. Our goal wasn’t even to sleep though it was just to get our daughter in a happy place to go in her own bed at night and not cry herself to sleep however we ended up with the full thing which we’re over the moon about. Kate was very supportive and responsive. Day time naps took longer to get a handle on and even though the 2 weeks we paid for was up Kate still kept in contact giving advice until we cracked it. I would highly recommend Kate it’s the best thing we ever did 🙂

11 month old girl

Kate was amazing! She was so easy to talk to and came up with a strategy that not only worked for my baby but also worked for me and my other children. My daughter was just over 1 so I though it would be really difficult to retrain her to settle herself again as she could now stand in her cot and was very determined but we saw huge improvements within 3 days with Kate’s support. She then she helped me to make a few tweaks over the next few days which helped with those early mornings we were still getting. I have an amazing sleeping baby again thanks to Kate and I didn’t feel like I was deserting my baby to cry it out at any point.

13 month old girl

“Me and my husband hired Kate to help us get our 14 month old sleeping through the night before our next one arrived. I really wanted to work with Kate because I’d seen some of her Facebook training and live videos, and I really felt relaxed and comfortable with her. We are also quite reactive parents so it was important for us to work with someone who doesn’t promote the crying it out technique. We also didn’t want to not be able to comfort him when he was getting worked up at sleep times. Both things we knew Kate’s training approaches could support.

Our biggest concern about hiring a sleep consultant was spending all that money and it not working, but after a couple of calls to talk through our sleep problems and general concerns, we felt totally reassured and completed trusted Kate. We are so glad we did because the changes have been so positive.

Since Kate visited us in May and prepared us a tailored sleep plan, we have been amazed by how easy and quickly it helped our little one sleep. Before, he was waking in the night at least three or four times and needed us to help him get back to sleep (we also got into a habit of bringing him into our bed with us just so we could all get some sleep), but within 3 days of us starting the plan he was sleeping through every night and has been ever since. He’s learnt to self settle and his daytime naps have also improved. We can also continue to go about our daily lives without being restricted to fixed nap times, something which was important for us as a family.

Not only has the sleep training given us all better (and much more consistent) sleep, our little boy is also so much happier. He has always been a happy little one but we’ve realised how getting a good nights sleep means he is even more content than before.

We still can’t believe the positive changes this had had on the whole family and we can’t thank Kate enough. The support throughout the training was fantastic and it gave us the reassurance we needed if we started to question our approach.

Thank you Kate! You really are the magic sleep nanny!!”

14 month old boy

Dear Kate,
It’s been a while since I emailed you. This is because we are all getting along with our lives so much better now!
xxx is a changed toddler. She goes into her bed after milk, I kiss her on her head, say good night and leave the room. More often than not now she sleeps through until 5.30am or later.
I have found that I can finally think straight and give some attention to the other children!
Thank you so much for your help so far! With your help I had the confidence to ask my husband for help and it’s set us up on a good path.
Brilliant, thank you!

2.5yr old Girl

I highly recommend Kate as a sleep consultant. I turned to Kate when we were at our absolute wits end with trying to get our son out of bad sleeping habits following a few months of illness and needing to be cuddled to sleep.
I was heavily pregnant at the time, and needed a solution quickly. I was very keen to try and keep upset to an absolute minimum, and the support Kate provided was amazing.
Within a couple of weeks, my son went from not being able to go sleep in his bed on his own, and waking up crying and calling for me during the night, to being able to self settle and sleeping through the night.
I cannot express how much pressure this took off having a newborn to also cope with during the night.
My son now sleeps wonderfully, and our bedtime and nap routines are completely stress free!
I can’t thank Kate enough for the support and help we were given. Thank you

18 month old boy

Kate has brought sleep to our house! She prepared plans for my 3 year old son and 1 year old daughter. My son had a habitual bottle of milk in the wee hours – a rod I’d created for my own back (as the saying goes) as it had been an easy way of getting him back to sleep when I was back in my stupidly busy job after maternity leave round one. Fast forward to maternity leave round two with my daughter and I was determined not to go down that road again (and I’d had enough of being up at different points each night with each child). I was feeding my daughter to sleep before putting her in her cotbed and she’d have a bottle in the night. After following Kate’s advice, I now put her into the cot awake and she settles off to sleep with no night feeding or waking. I then ‘tackled’ my son’s bedtime and overnight routine. He now settles himself off to sleep after a story and the milk has gone! Kate is, basically, a sleep legend. We loved her sensible and utterly do-able (no cry it out, for example) approach and she provided quick advice if anything went off piste. I had Mum shame about my 3 year old still having milk in a bottle at night but there was never any judgement from Kate. I cannot recommend Kate enough and I just wish we’d got in touch with her sooner.

3 & 1 year old siblings

Hiya – just wanted to say a big thank you! We had a consultation with you last Monday and spent the last week implementing your suggestions around maximum awake time, meaning we are more flexible with her bedtime to avoid overtiredness. She’s gone from waking every two hours to sleeping from 7-3am, waking for a quick feed then back down until 7am! We all feel much better for it. Thanks again!

6 month old girl

We were having problems with our 7 month old baby’s sleep. Things had got really hard so we went to Kate for some help. She came to visit, listened to our concerns and provided practical solutions and a realistic plan to help us move forward. We are now getting a lot more sleep and feel able to manage future challenges. Thank you.

7 month old boy

I contacted Kate when my son was 5 months old. He refused to sleep in a cot and constantly holding and rocking him to sleep was becoming exhausting.
Within a few weeks we were able to get regular naps established in his cot and he sleeps through the night in his own room for 11-12 hours a night.
Kate’s plan was very much tailored to our personal circumstances and took into account our parenting style.
I would highly recommend Kate.

5 month old Boy.