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I really do wish we had got the professional help sooner.

After 2.5 years of broken sleep we finally made the decision to get help. Our little girl would take 2 hours to settle to sleep and bedtime was a huge battle. She would wake 5 or 6 times a night and only settle with me sleeping beside her. She would also still have a night bottle. I had given up hope of ever sleeping in my own bed again! However, following Kate’s 10day plan, it’s like we have a totally new life. Not only does our little girl love going to bed now, she is in control of her bedtime and I can say goodnight, walk out of the room and she says “Goodnight Mummy. See you in the morning” and that is exactly what happens. If she wakes in the night maybe once…she will self settle. She goes to sleep on her own and wakes up a happy girl. She understands bedtime and nap time during the day. It’s honestly changed our lives. I wish we had done this sooner. I now have a routine which I am confident with, our little girl loves it and we now have relaxing evenings and dont have to worry about her night waking at all! She dropped the bottle on the very first night too- which was incredible. I cant recommend Kate enough. I see this as an investment in life as a parent and a couple. I really do wish we had got the professional help sooner. Thank you so much Kate. One very happy family here!

2.5 Year Old Girl
Communication and support was amazing

We would definitely recommend Sleep Time Baby. The plan was so easy to follow and it really worked for our family. The plan was tailored to our family situation.

Our baby responded very well to the plan and there was no crying it out method which was something we didn’t want to do. Communication and support was amazing from Sleep Time Baby. We cannot rate Sleep Time Baby enough.

14 Month Old Boy
I was very impressed with her processes

Kate was absolutely brilliant in helping our son to sleep better. We worked with her when our son was 4 months old and she helped us encourage him to self settle using very gentle techniques. We had support from kate over the course of a few months and during all phone calls and emails she was fantastic, really knowledgeable and clear on her recommendations. I was very impressed with her processes – ahead of the first Skype call we had to fill in an extensive questionnaire which meant the call itself was dedicated to getting to the root cause of the sleep issues and her talking us through the new sleep plan. We also had a sleep log we filled in which we were able to use for the subsequent phone calls. I would have no hesitation in recommending Kate to any parent looking for some expert sleep advice.

4 Month Old Boy
Thank you Kate, We are all so grateful.

Working alongside Kate has been amazing.
The difference to family life has been dramatic after having adhered to a (personalised) sleep plan and by making key, simple changes to our bedtime routine. The sleep plan was adaptable and easy to apply – each stage of the process broken down so not too overwhelming (for anyone involved!).
We were provided with constant support – telephone and email contact – and found it extremely helpful to regularly review each night to monitor our progress.
Kate has been reliable, realistic, calm and understanding and has ultimately given the family confidence at bedtime and consistent sleep through the night! It has been an incredible experience and I would definitely recommend to anyone with similar challenges in the future.
Thank you Kate, we are all so grateful.

3 Year Old Girl
I would highly recommend Kate it’s the best thing we ever did

I can’t thank Kate at sleep time baby enough my husband and I waited until our daughter was 11 months old before seeking help with self settling and sleeping through the night as the thought of the process was very daunting we didn’t want an upset baby. After just 1 night she was self soothing within 5mins (which does feel like a long time in mummy time) and after 1 week she stopped night waking completely. Our goal wasn’t even to sleep though it was just to get our daughter in a happy place to go in her own bed at night and not cry herself to sleep however we ended up with the full thing which we’re over the moon about. Kate was very supportive and responsive. Day time naps took longer to get a handle on and even though the 2 weeks we paid for was up Kate still kept in contact giving advice until we cracked it. I would highly recommend Kate it’s the best thing we ever did ????

11 Month Old Girl