sleep time


How to tackle early rising in children!

sleep time


Is your child waking too early? Read my top tips for getting your child to sleep in for longer and get rid of that early rising for good!

Here is a checklist to consider of things that might be causing early rising in your baby orchild and also some helpful strategies to try and get them to sleep in a bit later!

1)How dark is your child’s bedroom. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being light and 10 being dark) I suggest that until morning the bedroom is kept at a 9.
2)Eliminate the fact that noise might be disturbing them. Is is the heating coming on, the bins being put on. With younger children (18 months and under) consider putting some white noise on through the night to cancel out and sounds.
3)Have they gone to bed too late? The average bedtime for most kids is around 7 – 730pm so don’t put them to bed too late as this can cause them to wake early
4)Have they had good naps in the day (if they are still having them) if you are cutting down on naps to get better sleep at night this doesn’t work. Your child really needs that rest in the day to make sure that they are ready for a good night’s sleep and not overtired.
5)Are you feeding them or letting them get into bed with you or watch telly when they get up? If so they could be waking and then expecting that to happen straight away. The best way is to delay any feeding by 15 mins at least after the time you think it is okay to wake up and not to bring them into your bed or let them watch telly!
6)What time is the first nap? If you child is waking up early and then playing for say an hour and then going down to sleep again then this nap is too soon after sleep. They are essentially treating it as an extension of nighttime. Stick to the awake time that is right for your child and don’t let them sleep before hand to help reset the body clock.
7)Try and make sure that the last solid feed or milk feed of the day is good so that their tummies are full.

Now, what to do if it’s happening, another list!
1)Keep your child in their room until you reach the time that you have determined is morning (6am earliest perhaps!) then make a massive deal that it is morning! If your child is over 22 months then perhaps use a clock such as a gro clock to help them understand when morning is!
2)Firstly move their bedtime back by 30 mins, so if bedtime was 7pm, then make it 630pm. Try this for 7 nights.
3)If that doesn’t work, go the other way, so move it to 730pm. Again try this for 7 nights.
4)Lastly and this is a hard one, go for the wake to sleep option. So if you child is regularly waking at 5am, set your alarm for 4:45am and then go to them. Rouse them so that they are nearly awake and then let them drift back into another sleep cycle. Again try this for 7 nights!

So it’s over to you. Let me know if it works and if you have any questions please get in touch!

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