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The importance of awake times….

sleep time



Have you noticed how I keep on talking about awake time? I know it’s a bit boring, but for me it’s one of the key fundamentals and it’s one of the things that I start off with when I’m assessing how a child is and what’s causing their sleep issues.

Awake time put simply is the amount of time that your child stays awake between naps or before bedtime.

Too little awake time and your child will find it tricky to settle because the sleep pressure isn’t great enough, too much awake time and then you get an overtired child who is also tricky to settle! Both of these can also cause wake ups in the night hence why it’s so important!

So the key is to try and get it right, or at least know roughly what the awake time is for this age and then observe your child and make a note of when they are tired and when they go down.

I’ve popped below the ‘average’ times, remember it’s just that though and you need to see what your child is telling you.

Oh and the other thing is that sometimes awake time is shorter in the morning and can get longer in the day – tricky eh!!????????‍♀️


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