sleep time


Top tips for Older Childrens Sleep!

sleep time


Recently I’ve been talking to a lot more older children who are finding it hard to settle at bedtime. With that in mind I’ve created some top tips to help children settle at night times.

Have a read and if you have any questions or need any additional help then please do contact me at

1) Feed your child sleepy foods before bedtime/ No caffeine or sugar in afternoon eg; Almonds, Bananas, Dairy, Porridge, Cherries, Cereals (not sugary ones)

2) Spend some time playing 1-1 games or relaxing time together

3) No screens 1- 2 hours before bedtime & none in room over night

4)Consider using some mindfulness and breathing exercises at bedtime to relax.

5)Use bedtime routine charts, get the kids involved

6)Firm Bedtime rules of what you want to happen.

7)Consistent and correct bedtime (7-8:30pm)

8)Avoid sports activities that run close to bedtime

9)Reinforce and reward good behaviour

10)From the age of 3-4 children will need 10-12 hours of sleep (age dependent)


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