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What time does your day start?

sleep time



Okay so getting your child sleeping through the night is one thing, but with mornings now super light, is your child waking too early? Here are three things to help your child sleep for longer.

How dark is their bedroom? With the sun rising at 5am, if the light is getting in then it could be waking them.

The easiest answer is to look at any light coming through the windows and put up a blackout cover of some sort, either permanent blackout curtains or a travel blackout blind can do wonders!

Is there any outside noise that can be waking them? Is it the bin men, the hot water going on? To try and break this cycle you can consider using a white noise machine to soften the outside interruptions.

From as early as 22 months toddlers should be able to start to respect a clock. The idea here is that you set the wake up time to suit you rather than them. You can use something like a gro clock or even just a digital clock with just the hour number showing.

Your child should not be allowed to get up until the clock shows the time that day is starting (ie at least 6am!). Teach them to respect the clock by persevering with the wake up time and they will eventually get it!

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