It’s nearly Xmas! How’s your schedule looking? I’m all for getting involved in the festivities but I think it’s super important that we give some thought to sleep as well. You can either watch my handy video above or have a quick read of the bullet points to get the quick summary!

  • Have a look at your current commitments – does it feel doable? If you feel that it’s all a bit too much then perhaps scale things back a bit, it’s great to have fun, but be careful that it doesn’t stress you out! Also remember that sleep still needs to happen, so think about how it might affect you.
  • Be Prepared!
    • If you are travelling and have a little one that naps, then where possible travel when they need to sleep, that way you can get that nap in the bank and arrive at your destination well rested!
    • If your little one doesn’t nap (or when they are awake) feel free to just get through the journey in anyway possible, who knows what traffic you might head into, so have all the snacks and entertainment ready – audio books are my top tip btw!
    • At your destination, whether it’s nap or bedtime, try and create a bit of home in their sleep space. That might look like teddies, sheets from home, books and my favourite travel companion, a travel black out blind!
  • Try and stick to a routine that works for you, so if you need to guide the people you are visiting that naps need to happen or that bedtime needs to be before midnight (!) then stand your ground!
  • Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go quite to plan, often night 1 is the worst so just write it off and move on to the next day!

So my advice would be to head into it with your eyes open as to what you are doing and how that relates to sleep but still enjoy the xmas festivities!


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